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Earth and Space Science Education

The Earth and Space Science Education Program at Mansfield University is for students who enjoy science and plan to seek teacher certification. Most of our graduates are now teaching earth science and/or general science middle and high school students in Pennsylvania and New York schools.

As a student in this program you will take a large number of courses in the sciences and education as shown in the button link below. You will also spend one semester student teaching in two different public schools.


In addition to the courses above you will complete our General Education Program. This includes course work in math, social science, languages and literature, fine arts and wellness.

The program is not easy - good things must be earned through hard work. Program faculty will challenge you with rigorous courses that include

earth and space science
The Department hosts two student clubs, the Geography Club and the Geology Club. Recent activities of the clubs include: mineral collecting, science museums, white water rafting, skiing, wall climbing, fossil collecting, and more. Photo by Sandy Pardoe.

Contact Dr. Christopher Kopf ( if you have questions about this program or would like to discuss a possible career as an earth and space science educator.

earth and space science
Students have many field trip opportunities through courses and student clubs. Photo by Sandy Pardoe.

field work and a significant number of out-of-class assignments. Diligent study and good grades are essential. To enter and stay in the program you must earn and hold a 3.0 grade point average. Then to earn teacher certification you must pass the challenging Praxis exams that will confirm your knowledge of earth science and methods of teaching.

Most of our students earn a second certification in General Science which is typically taught at the 6th through 8th grade levels. We encourage all students to consider this second certification as it increases employment opportunities and can be obtained with minimal additional course work plus another Praxis exam.

Our students are successful. In recent years 100% of our students who have taken the challenging Praxis exam have exceeded the qualifying score for teacher certification. Also, students who apply for teaching positions normally obtain employment before the beginning of the next academic year. Many of the earth science and general science teachers employed within 50 miles of the campus are graduates of our program. A number of our graduates have also moved from the Mansfield area to other states and have easily obtained employment as teachers in their new locations.

Mansfield University is a proud member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC)

Pennsylvania's Premier Public Liberal Arts University