What Can I Study?

Welcome! We are glad that you are curious about our programs! As a student in our department you will be enrolled in one of the programs below. Many of our students also declare a minor in geology, geography, biology or another subject. You can learn more about these programs by clicking the links below.

Natural Gas Production 

Natural Gas Production and Services AAS: If you want a career where there are well-paying jobs available both in Pennsylvania and across the country. If you want our natural gas resources to be developed in a responsible manner.

Climb Overhang 

Outdoor Recreation Leadership: If you enjoy rock climbing, cycling, rafting and other outdoor pursuits and are interested in a career as a recreational guide, this program may be right for you. This program will improve your technical skills as an outdoor guide AND develop the leadership skills you will need to build a recreation-oriented business or organization.

wcis watershed management 

Watershed Management: If you are curious about issues of water quality and availability this program could be for you! Students in this program learn about streams, water chemistry, land-use, soils, ground water and much more.

wcis environmental science 

Environmental Science: If you enjoy the out-of-doors and how science interacts with nature you will probably enjoy this program! You will learn a lot about the earth, water, weather, maps and much more.

wcis mapping technology 

Geographic Information and Technology: If you enjoy maps, data and like to communicate with illustrations than this is the program for you. Students in this program collect data with GPS, organize it with a geographic information system and use graphics programs to create interesting maps.

Safety Management 

Safety Management : The program addresses the human factors of the safety profession with a focus on communication, ethics, leadership, psychology, and other aspects of occupational health and safety.